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Loss, Life, and Fire Betty Sheinbaum, Grace Swanson, Stephanie Visser April 26, 2011 - May 21, 2011

Loss, Life, and Fire 
Betty Sheinbaum, Grace Swanson, Stephanie Visser 
April 26, 2011 - May 21, 2011

*Reception: Saturday April 30 5-8pm

Artists' Panel: Saturday May 14 3pm

People II 

For sixty years Betty Sheinbaum has been vigorously documenting figures and landscapes in bold colors that have become the hallmarks of her work. At ninety years old, she is still painting strong. In her new series, People II, she creates "peoplescapes"; characters in their daily lives, performing activities they enjoy, in the places they love.  A founding member of the co-operative TAG Gallery, Betty embodies the artistic spirit and communal mission of the gallery.

Close Cover Before Striking 

Grace Swanson elevates the matchbook from memento to fine art. In Close Cover Before Striking, her new exhibit of watercolor paintings at TAG Gallery, she illuminates the world of matchbook collecting, otherwise known as phillumeny.  Swanson takes her extensive personal matchbook collection to create a stunning, brightly colored series of works that she describes as "memory-quilts" of well-known restaurants and hotels. She emphasizes the bold, graphic nature of matchbook advertising by heightening and juxtaposing complementary colors, and playing with chiaroscuro to create three-dimensional form. Her refined technique of applying multiple layers of rich glaze intensifies the luminous quality of watercolor. 


In the wake of the deaths of both of her parents, Stephanie Visser explores the loss of the parental relationship, and its influence on one's identity. Perseus, her new exhibit of paintings at TAG Gallery, is named for a galaxy cluster whose central black hole was recently reported to emit a single note.  Visser delves into the note of bereavement, lost connections and loneliness working within a complex process. She layers and sands away partial surfaces, transfers pigment, and makes marks to create an ethereal stratified image. This built-up layering of emotion, paint and mark-making is a signature characteristic of her work.

 *SMMOA is holding their annual Incognito event. Please arrive early to secure parking.

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