Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Marion Wood - Field Notes

Marion Wood, Tryptic, Acrylic, 60 x 60"
TAG Gallery is proud to present Field Notes, a series of paintings from Marion Wood focusing on the simplest elements of artistic expression. In order to capture and depict delicate terrains, Wood experiments with color fields and the use of gravity as a catalyst to portray the force of nature that pulls the rain to the roots within the earth.
Marion Wood, The Three, Acrylic
“I often find myself bombarded with technology. Cellphones, internet, social media, news media, and a president who tweets his every whim; It causes me to seek introspection, solitude and solace in nature, or a quiet space to ruminate. Personal reflection and self-assessment are the tools I use to keep my head amidst the constant bombardment. By looking within ourselves we intuitively know how to treat out fellow humans of any race, gender, or economic stature, and how to protect our environment.”
Marion Wood, A New Day, Acrylic, 48 x 60"
"There is an overwhelming sense of peace when I see and experience something raw and beautiful in the wilderness and I strive to wander through these canvases with that same connection, an excitement toward life and hope for the future."
Marion Wood, Winter Forest, Acrylic, 72 x 48"
The exhibition runs through October 20.
Artist Talk: Saturday, October 13, 3pm

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Sunhee Joo - Message of Love

Sunhee Joo, Return of the Prodigal Son, Digital painting on paper, 9.5 x 7.5"
Sunhee Joo’s first solo exhibition at TAG Gallery features poetic digital works on paper, featuring her favorite subjects: God, humanity, and nature. This exhibition is a compilation of her digital work since 2011.
Sunhee Joo, Gethsemane, Digital painting on paper, 5 x 9"
Sunhee Joo’s works have evolved since her MFA in Abstract Painting at UCLA in 1987. Her work is a mixture of abstract and representational forms, marrying her unique expression of Bible stories and people with nature. Joo aims to convey her soul searching spiritual journey in America after her immigration in 1970, showcasing her bicultural heritage, the East and the West.
Sunhee Joo, Mother and Children, Digital painting on paper, 12 x 10"
The exhibition, Message of Love, evokes layers of memories, emotions, and feelings. Joo conveys these many facets of love through depiction of different people in real life, characters in the Bible, or imagined people with simplified lines, shapes and colors.
Sunhee Joo, Mother Washing, Digital painting on paper, 6 x 6"
The exhibition runs through October 20.
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 6, 5-8pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, October 13, 3pm

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Cheryl Dimant - Looking Closer

Cheryl Dimant, Clear Blue Day, Archival print on paper
TAG Gallery is proud to present Looking Closer a body of work by photographer Cheryl Dimont. The exhibition uses photography as a catalyst to investigate the various nuances and complex structures of the natural and man-made worlds.
Cheryl Dimant, Sky Scraper Sky, Archival print on paper
Dimont has always subscribed to the belief that beauty can be found everywhere in life. As such, she atttempts to cut through the periphery and concentrate on what really matters.
Cheryl Dimant, See Me, Archival print on paper
“I see pockets of design and pattern everywhere. They add a spark to my day. They give me little moments of quiet and help me find some order within the chaos.”
Cheryl Dimant, Salmon Run, Archival print on paper
The exhibition runs through October 20.
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 6, 5-8pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, October 13, 3pm