Monday, September 26, 2016

Current Exhibition: Sally Jacobs, Ernie Marjoram, Jane Peterson

September 27th – October 22nd, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 1st, 5-8PM

Artist Panel: Saturday, October 8th, 3pm

Sally Jacobs – Larger than Life
Sally Jacobs, Bok Choy, Watercolor, 27 x 29"
In her latest exhibit of watercolor paintings and graphite drawings Sally Jacobs, a long time Miracle Mile resident, was inspired by the rich arrays of produce and flora found in Los Angeles’ farmers markets. Jacobs zooms in, portraying flowers, vegetables, and fruit with dramatic precision. She  transforms a vegetable we choose for nourishment or a flower for decoration by aiming higher, rendering the unique structure eye-catching and explicit, causing the viewer to catch their breath in wonder.

Jacobs uses watercolor or pencil in a unique, graduated way, masterfully capturing the minutest details of her subjects’ anatomy while staying true to the whole. She delves deep into a plant’s structure to reveal striking patterns and colors that seize one’s attention and imagination.

Jacobs is a contemporary botanical artist who has exhibited in numerous juried shows in New York and San Francisco, and at museums in New York, Minneapolis and Phoenix. She was an award winner at the Brand 37 Works on Paper exhibit and is one of the artists included in Todays Botanical Artists, a publication of well-regarded nature artists.

Ernie Marjoram – Homage to Trees
Ernie Marjoram, Backlit, Oil, 36 x 48"
As a Los Angeles artist, Ernie Marjoram lives in the city and sometimes finds himself stressed and anxious while stuck in freeway traffic. On a recent visit to the local San Bernardino Mountains Marjoram seemed to feel better, physically and emotionally when surrounded by trees. With this new series of paintings the artist has attempted to capture that feeling and bring it back to the city. “At least now I am surrounded by paintings of trees!” the artist said with a smile.

Marjoram’s art reflects his interest in representational painting techniques but upon closer inspection the images also utilize elements of abstraction. Working on canvas with traditional brushes, Marjoram also uses unconventional tools such as sea sponges, rags, string and rope to create subtle textures and random forms. Unusual angles and close cropping further enhance the sense of abstraction in some of the compositions. Working from his own photos, Marjoram moved his easel from the studio into his backyard to be able to paint in unfiltered natural light and fresh air.

“The process of creating these paintings was an enjoyable yet challenging experience. I am still exploring how to render tree forms in the futile attempt to capture the beauty of nature.”

Jane Peterson – Welcome Earthlings
Jane Peterson, Landing, Mixed media sculpture, 25 x 38 x 4.5"
Jane Peterson’s new work continues to explore the spectrum of human emotion with particular attention to anxiety, passion, fear, as well as elements of humor. Cartoon-like characters make their way through Peterson’s fanciful compositions, ranging from otherworldly creatures to abstracted human forms. Her hybrid travelers exist in an environment not entirely foreign to that of her viewers; they wander between reality and the subconscious, taking on personalities that are decidedly familiar, yet eerie.

For her limited edition digital pieces, Peterson always starts with drawing. The digital process and its potential to surpass and exceed the speed of thought continually amaze Peterson. Any digital mark she makes can be instantly changed, duplicated, or eliminated. In addition to digital paintings, this current body of work includes drawings on birch panels with wax/oil crayon, ink, and graphite. The wax surface is polished with a soft cloth, to create a satin finish. The surfaces of her sculptures are treated in the same way, on ceramic, wood, and metal supports.