Saturday, August 30, 2014

Coming Exhibition: Pam Douglas, Ernie Marjoram, Camey McGilvray

Tues. September 2 - Sat. September 27, 2014

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 6, 5-8 p.m.
Artist Talk: Saturday, September 20, 5 p.m.

The Long Thread, Pam Douglas
Pam Douglas,  The 4 Phases,  Inks on rice paper, 60 x 50 in.
New work by Pam Douglas explores the cycle of birth and death in “The Long Thread.” This show transcends her previous paintings by adding string, twine and rope -- rough textures that contrast with silk and rice paper, expanding these large-scale works into 3-dimensions. As with her previous series, Douglas reveals her admiration for Asian art using rice paper and silk, and suspending the fabric from dowels that recall Japanese and Chinese scroll paintings. In “The Source Within” indigo strings cascade through a divide of bronze and gold on silk panels, like a source of bright energy opening into birth. This scroll-like mixed media painting is almost seven feet high. In “Four Phases,” rice paper panels progress from white to black, and red strings in groups of four continue the careful balance, creating an understated elegance, both contemplative and hopeful.

Works on Paper, Ernie Marjoram 
Ernie Marjoram, Baptistry, Graphite 7 x 5 in.
For his current exhibition, “Works on Paper,” artist Ernie Marjoram presents drawings of a range of subjects; landscapes, still life compositions and figure studies in a variety of media: watercolor, pen and ink, pencil and charcoal, etchings and digital prints.  Marjoram’s latest body of work is a transition from previous oil studies in vibrant candies and comfort foods. “For me, there is no single definition of beauty and no single approach to art,” says Marjoram.  Some images are highly rendered, while others are black and white.  “I have always experimented withdifferent graphic techniques and have become comfortable combining traditional and digital techniques,” says Marjoram.  “In the end it is all about the image, not the technique.”  While studying a range of subjects in his current series, Marjoram’s strong gestural brushstrokes and technical skill create animated characters and environments.

L.A. Boogie Woogie, Camey McGilvray
Camey McGilvray, LA Boogie Woogie, Acrylic, wood, and wire, 48 x 48 x 4 in.
In artist Camey McGilvray's latest sculpture series, abstracted forms in wood, wire and rebar are a continued concentration in her work. Using the grid as a compositional tool, McGilvray recalls mid-century Los Angeles architectural influences - referencing the landmark "Hollywood Hills House", among other urban locations, including downtown Los Angeles itself. The piece L.A.Boogie-Woogie is based on a map of L.A's downtown area and the title pays homage to Piet Mondrian's own version of Manhattan and is also the show title. McGilvray maintains a strong focus on line in her work, using rebar in free-standing works and superimposing wire on vibrant painted mixed media wall sculptures. The pulse of the city is echoed in her animated andanthropomorphic forms as wires pulsate with an energy of their own.

Friday, August 15, 2014

TAG California Open Selections p6

Enjoy some selections from the 2014 TAG California Open Exhibition, which runs through August 29.
Lori Shocket, Prayer For..., Mixed Media, 26x48x4, 2014
Thomas Skene, Untitled 6, Pen and Ink, 30x22, 2013
Jill Sykes, Elan Vital, Oil on Canvas, 48x36, 2013
Elizabeth Szymczak, Repose, Oil on Canvas, 24x30, 2013
Alison Turner, Traci and Jamie, Digital Pigment Print, 20x20, 2013
Tom Wheeler, Ghost Trees, Digital Print, 20x30, 2013
Tom Wheeler, Plastic Horse, Digital Print, 20x30, 2013
Vonda Yarberry, Holding Ball, Turning Ball, Looping Video, LCD Screens on Acrylic Mounts, 7.5x5.5x1, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

TAG California Open Selections p5

Enjoy some selections from the 2014 TAG California Open Exhibition, which runs through August 29.
Sierra Pecheur, Famished Heart, Mixed Clays, Oxide, Glaze, Lusters, 14x13x8, 2012
Brian Reymolds, La Grande Casa Rosa - Lucca-Tempaccio, Oil on Canvas Panel, 24x20, 2013
Susan Rotondo, Arenaria interpres, Pencil Drawing, 20x14, 2014
Kat Ryals, Jenny, Digital Print from 120mm Film, 20x16, 2010
Rachel Sager, Red, White, & Blue, Oil on Canas, 40x60, 2013
Teresa Shea, Geisha, Oil on Canvas, 24x30, 2013
Stephanie Sherwood, Map, Acrylic and Ink onYupo Paper, 10x8, 2014
Neil Shigley, Dave 57, Plexiglas Block Print on Paper, Mounted on Canvas, 48x36x2, 2007