Sunday, May 22, 2011

American Obsessions: Food and Fashion May 24, 2011 - June 18, 2011

American Obsessions:
Food and Fashion May 24 - June 18, 2011 Reception: Saturday May 28, 5 - 8pm
Artist Panel: Wedneday June 1, 7 pm

Small Pleasures 
Anne M. Bray 
 The pen and colored pencil drawings in Bray’s most recent exhibition Small Pleasures: Sketches from Everyday Life focus on the contemplative aspects of two everyday objects: cupcakes and paint tubes. Although these two series began as visual journal entries, they quickly developed into formal investigations of form. The sketches, inspired by her insatiable sweet tooth and her longing to paint which is precluded by her current living situation, showcase quiet moments of sitting still and closely observing things at hand. Looking to Wayne Thiebaud’s iconic paintings of desserts, Bray features one object in isolation. The small scale of both the cupcakes and paint tubes draws in the viewer for an intimate look. 

New Work
Patricia Doede Klowden 
 In her ceramic figures that make up New Work, Patrica Doede Klowden’s new exhibit of ceramics and pastels at the TAG Gallery, Klowden investigates the tactile, alluring forms of various fabrics on female figures. These headless bodies are clothed in high fashion dresses of lace, gingham and silk. Klowden’s pastels play with her continuing love of deep color and the hybrid of real bodies and imagined landscapes.

The Food Series 
Gary Polonsky 
 Breaking from the flat surface of traditional painting, Gary Polonsky brings 3D painting to a new level of depth and focus in the food series. After working on traditional stretched canvas for most of his career, Polonsky began an exploration of non-traditional canvases, eventually combining Balsawood, Styrofoam and wire-mesh to create larger-than-life wall-based constructions. In the leaf series, he monumentalized autumn leaves, bringing our attention to their forms, patterns and textures. Now, in the food series, he celebrates popular American foodstuffs, enlarging them to the point where we must confront them in all of their processed glory.

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