Monday, May 7, 2012

Shelley Lazarus: TAG Interview

Shelley Lazarus 
Lavender Fields  
15 x 22"  mixed media

Where did you grow up? Do you feel that your early environment had an influence on your artistic development?

I grew up in Brooklyn, new York where as a teen ager I attended Pratt Institute and was exposed to the many museums in the city.

Your last TAG Exhibition focused on sweets. Has your subject matter changed? (If so, what is it and why?)

This exhibit is focusing on moments when I am involved with nature and my surroundings. My favorite occupation is to sit on a hill, on a rock or the curb of a street and tell the story of the area around me.

How would you describe your growth as an artist?

My growth as an artist has come about from observing and learning to incorporate new mediums into my works.

Shelley Lazarus 
The Two of Us  
watercolor and pencil  22 x 30"

Have you recently learned or practiced any new techniques? If so, will you share what they are, or keep it a secret?

I never keep any of my new discoveries a secret. I teach at the Brentwood Art Center and as soon as I learn something new, I rush in to demonstrate their uses. Ergo my discovery of ‘Magic Eraser’ which is now circulating around Brentwood.

Do you have a favorite painting (Yours or somebody else's)?

I can’t say I have one favorite painting especially mine as my taste keeps changing. If I win the lottery I would like to wake up to a Wolf Kahn, Larry Rivers or a David Levine painting.

Shelley Lazarus in the studio.

Shelley Lazarus's exhibition opens May 22, 2012.

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