Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TAG Interview with Suki Kuss

Suki Kuss is exhibiting mixed media collages at TAG that take the viewer through an abstract narrative.
We asked her some questions about her work. 
Night Music I, 2013, mixed media collage, 10 x 10"
How do you decide on the elements that are in your work?
What attracts you to the them?
I love vintage fibers, fabrics, lace and sheet music...I combine these elements with plexi glass, mirrors and mosaic glass to express a ageless quality in my work.

As a collagist, you must have a lot of stuff. Are you Joseph Cornell (organized and tidy) or Francis Bacon (messy)?
I'm both....and am always secure in the knowledge that, within my vast amount of treaures, I know exactly what I need and can always find it...

Tell us about your studio -- where do you create?
I have a studio but prefer working in the sun room in my home...the light is fabulous. I often wake at 3 or 4am and wander into this special place...the quiet yet intense time of day often helps me make dramatic decisions and changes within my work.

How or why is a made by hand, one of a kind art piece important?
It's an intimate conversation with the creator/artist. There is no other way to see deeply into another individual.

What would you like your viewers to take away from their encounter with your artwork?
A sense of completeness...a question answered and a question asked...

Suki's work will be on view through Saturday, June 15.
She will be participating in an Artists' Talk at TAG on Saturday, June 8, 3-4pm

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