Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Spectrum: Inside the Crayola Box [Guest Post by Anne M Bray]

Remember that new Crayola smell? The pristine box of 64 colors with the sharpener in back that always ate your crayons? Good news, my friends. They still smell the same! And now, there is an even bigger box with 96 colors! Maybe they have changed some of the color names and maybe even switched out some of the colors. We will have 96 weeks to find out!
Yes, I hied myself to Rite-Aid today and bought the jumbo assortment, to utilize for choosing the Saturday Spectrum color of the week.
A "very scientific" comparison with another box revealed:

Random color placement!

I'm starting our Crayola colored adventure with:

Go shoot a photo, hunt for art, create something new with OLIVE GREEN.
Link and tell!

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