Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2016 CA Open Acceptees

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Kent Twitchell viewed 1809 submissions and chose 61 pieces of art for the 2016 California Open at TAG. Congratulations to the 56 artists! We can't wait to see your work! 

David Alvarado
Tami Bahat
Donna Bates
Michele Benzamin-Miki
Jodi Bonassi
Ching Ching Cheng
Chuka Susan Chesney
Eunice Choi
Harold Cleworth
Rob Crow
Timothee de Place
Lee Dollison
Kathryn Donatelli
Lynn Doran
David Dumo
Irina Dzhalalyants
Suzanne Garner
Brent Gibb
Ja'Rie Gray
David Grigsby
Becky Guttin
Moses Hamborg
Roger Hatton
Misty Hawkins
Walter Impert
Charles Karp
Kaija Keel
Linsley Lambert
Diego Lasansky
Pamela LeGrand
Ellen Levine
Christo Linquata
Macey Lipman
Michael Manente
Mercedes McDonald
Jon Messer
Robert Nelson
Jim Newberry
Allan Peach
Shirley Peppers
Carolin Peters
Hayley Quentin
Christina Ramos
Sara Rokni
Bill Roth
Catherine Ruane
Teresa Shea
Neil Shigley
Ruth Shively
Judy Sklar
Denise Strahm
Fred Tieken
Loraine Veeck
Petert Walker
Jodi Weitzman
Ireland Wisdom
Mara Zaslove
2016 California Open Exhibition.
August 10-26, 2016
Reception and Awards Ceremony: Saturday, August 13, 5-8pm

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