Friday, November 11, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Carol Kleinman's "The Secret Life of Windows"

Carol Kleinman, New York, New York, Single exposure on canvas, 24 x 36"
TAG Gallery is proud to present The Secret Life of Windows, an exhibition of new photographs of reflections on windows by Carol Kleinman. The reflections, captured in Paris, Amsterdam and New York, are printed on canvas, blurring the line between photography and painting.
Carol Kleinman, Sunglasses on the Seine, Single exposure on canvas, 20 x 25"
In the tradition of many great French photographers, she is an “flâneuse” (stroller). She will walk for hours and not take a single photograph. Kleinman feels she’s on a visual treasure hunt. “I’ll spot a complex reflection on a window, get captivated, and start capturing images. Reflections seduce me by their interplay of fantasy and reality, the symphony of layer upon layer of life... all of it merging and culminating in the very personal moment when I click the shutter of my camera!”
Carol Kleinman, Dreaming of Summer, Amsterdam, Single exposure on canvas, 22 x 22"
A great deal of the impact of Kleinman’s work stems from the fact that the images actually existed at a specific time and place; they are not creations or manipulations. Kleinman says that were she to “Photoshop” and combine images, that impact would be lost. What you see is what she saw. Her work reveals the tension between abstraction and reality and creates a launching pad from which the viewer can go on a journey and explore deeper personal emotions.
Carol Kleinman, Paris Pages #2, Single exposure on canvas, 22 x 22"
Meet Carol and the other exhibiting artists at TAG this Saturday, Nov 12, 3 pm

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