Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Diane Rudnick Mann's "Waiting"

Diane Rudnick Mann, Waiting for Attention, Pastel, 22.5 x 21"
Everyone is waiting for something; that something can be as simple as finding the right pair of shoes or the best haircut, others, on a deeper level, are waiting for love or power. Diane Rudnick Mann’s newest series of work entitled Waiting is composed of pastel paintings about the art of patience, though not what one would think at first glance.
Diane Rudnick Mann, Waiting for Thread, Pastel, 44.5 x 33" (detail)
Questioning the sense of waiting can become an exploration of frailty, transience and often humor. The objects Mann uses are the minutiae of every day life, things that are everywhere, but often overlooked. On closer inspection, these still life paintings are literally of still, silent objects in time, waiting to evoke questions and emotion. Regardless of the perfection of realism in her work, just painting a bowl of fruit has become meaningless to her unless one piece is damaged or strangely unusual. It is the presence of imperfection that has inspired Mann.
Diane Rudnick Mann, Please Keep Us Together, Pastel, 26 x 30"
The viewer, after a glance, will no longer notice just the color or style in her paintings but start to wonder what about this empty chair? Or the empty glass bowls or a doll staring into space? What is the story? Waiting aims to stimulate the senses in a quiet way, showcasing people or objects waiting to be found, used again and loved.
Diane Rudnick Mann, Red Waiting for Canvas, Pastel, 16 x 14.5"
Artist Panel: Saturday, December 10, 3pm

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