Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Gary Polonsky's Munchies

Gary Polonsky, 2,2,2 (iHop Breakfast), Acrylic on Mixed Media, 17” x 19” x 3”
Our favorite munchies, whatever they might be, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, are all represented in Polonsky’s latest work from his on-going food series. Munchies incorporates large-scale, vibrant, three-dimensional artworks that are dramatic testament to our cravings for our favorite foods and the human desire to consume.
Gary Polonsky, Club Sandwich, Acrylic on Mixed Media, 9” x 12” x 12”
Polonsky continues his exploration of materials and the creative process itself, utilizing engineering, sculpting and painting to create his fully rendered, textured, and sculptured canvases. 
Gary Polonsky, Chocolate Ice Cream Cone, Acrylic on Mixed Media, 23” x 12” x 12”
Polonsky's food series implores viewers to touch and experience each piece as it’s own installation, with every angle offering a new and profound experience of the work.
Gary Polonsky, Onion Rings, Acrylic on Mixed Media, 10.25” x 10” x 5”
From the huge Ice Cream Cone to the more reasonably sized bag of Jack in the Box Onion Rings, to the Gummy Bears, Munchies never fails to celebrate fun in its pieces. 
Gary Polonsky, Gummy Bears, Acrylic on Mixed Media, 12” x 36” x 3"
Are you hungry yet?

The exhibition runs through June 10.
Curious about Gary's process?
Meet him at the Artist Panel, Saturday June 3, 3pm

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