Thursday, May 17, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Carole Garland - Streaming Color

Carole Garland, The Oak Grove, Watercolor, 25 x 33"
For her current exhibition, Streaming Color, Carole Garland painted in watercolor en plein air as a form of meditation and escape, as a distraction from the stress of 21st century living and a job in sales.
Carole Garland, Solstice Retreat, Watercolor, 25 x 33"

She drove to the local Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu Creek, Solstice and Topanga Canyons to find solace. Sitting on the ground with an Arches full-sheet watercolor paper taped to a 27 x 34” board held in her lap, Garland looked out on a stony stream bed, a creek tracing a path over the rocks. Against a cloudless sky, willows draped over the water, their branches glancing the water’s surface. And so she began, Isabey brush to paper.
Carole Garland, A Quiet Place, Watercolor, 34 x 26"
Nature is the springboard for Garland’s imagination, but her interpretation of it begins and ends with the medium of watercolor. Her nontraditional, abstracted landscapes take their cue from the watercolors: their brightness, their transparency, and their inherent desire to slide in odd directions, out of control. She is its servant, surrendering to the direction and will of the medium.
Carole Garland, After the Fall, Watercolor, 26 x 33"
Garland explores mark making, color and form in these chromatic and vivid watercolors, at the same time reminding us to take solace in our natural surroundings.

Exhibition runs through Saturday, June 9
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 19, 6-10pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, June 2, 3pm

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