Monday, February 14, 2011

TAG Gallery Interviews Shelley Lazarus

Shelley Lazarus
Drug of Choice
mixed media 8 x 8"

“Just Desserts” from Shelley Lazarus is an eclectic exploration of the sweet coda of any meal.

Why do you make art?

Nothing gives me more pleasure than the process of making art. Not the product but the times I spend totally immersed in my project. The outside world disappears and I live in the moment of my creativity.

What is your process, what goes into making work like yours?

I have no one way of starting any piece of art. But usually I start from the subject matter, how I handle each subject varies and it is this variation that keeps my work exciting for me.

Are your life experiences a source for inspiration?

My life experience has altered my work tremendously. When my son passed away I spent a lot of time at the easel not only reliving some of his favorite things but attacking canvases with all my frustrations and sadness.

You have been an artist for much of your life, how have you managed to carve out time for art making? Has it ever interfered with your “normal” life, or vice versa?

I think the biggest interference in my married life was when I rented a house in Martha's Vineyard and a few years later in Cagnes Sur Mer, France to go off and paint for a month. But both times they helped me grow as an artist. These were times when I could concentrate solely on my works.

Shelley Lazarus
Cupcake Row
watercolor and graphite  6 x 15"

How do you decide on your palette?

I love color and with watercolor your palette is usually set up in advance. It is how I mix, blend and layer my colors that I am noted for.

How do you know when a work is finished?

After a days work I usually put my painting up somewhere in the studio or house where I can see it. If after a week I can't think of any more changes I know if I am done. In between this time I put up notes about how I can improve the work.

Shelley Lazarus

Shelley Lazarus's exhibition opens March 1st.

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