Monday, February 28, 2011

March 1-26, 2011 Katie Crown, Shelley Lazarus, Ernie Marjoram

 Reception: Saturday, March 12, 5-8 pm
Artist Panel: Saturday, March 19th, 3-4 pm

 Katie Crown
Beach Scenes, LA 

Katie Crown’s new work puts California figurative painting into California landscapes in her large scale, local beach scenes. Crown, who grew up in Manhattan Beach, admits to finding the parade of characters found along California’s coast an irresistible subject. “I love pattern,” she explains, “bathing suits, postures, and body shapes give me a playground of possibilities for patterns and pigments." In these paintings, diverse characters frolic within starkly geometric sand and waves, either enjoying or simply contemplating life. Yet, people are shown faceless and seemingly isolated from their surrounding activities, which adds an air of eerie ambiguity to the otherwise mirthful scenes. "Hey, it’s California, nobody connects. Alienation lives at the beach, too," says Crown.

 Shelley Lazarus
Just Desserts 

Standing in the tradition of California colorists, Shelley Lazarus explores the sweet coda of any meal: desserts. Like Hockney’s whimsical landscapes, Lazarus’ pieces in Just Desserts use saturated watercolors, acrylic, graphites and crayons to create mouth-watering creations. The dripping chocolate and luscious cakes brought back memories of her mother, “who always checked out the desserts in a restaurant before the entrees.” 

Ernie Marjoram 
Italy, en Plein Air

Marjoram brings his intricate knowledge of light, form and space into a rich exploration of the central Italian landscape. With only natural available light, he situates himself in the environment, capturing the chiaroscuro of the Italian cityscape and the expanse of the countryside, reminiscent of Pisarro and Cezanne. Having worked for Disney, and currently an instructor at the American Film Institute, he interweaves illustration and fine art, re-seeing the monuments and vistas of the Italian Renaissance. Marjoram believes “art and architecture are a part of life”, and he brings them to life in this current exhibit.

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