Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 29, 2011 - April 23, 2011 Cynthia Alexander and Suki Kuss

Opening Reception: Saturday April 2nd 5 - 8 pm

Artists' Panel: Saturday April 16th 2pm


Cynthia Alexander Earthly Geometry

Our focus on the perfect female form is obsessive. Women strive to conform their shapes to the airbrushed images in magazines and television. In Earthly Geometry, Cynthia Alexanders new exhibit at TAG Gallery from March 29th- April 23rd, the human figure is blatantly portrayed in its honesty. Beginning her career as a photographer, Alexander shifted to painting ten years ago, and brings a photographers unflinching focus to her painting. Female figures and anonymous torsos face the viewer baring all - totally vulnerable in their perfect perfection. Fine lines meet large fields of color, and the result is mystical yet concrete. Taking her cue from the minimalism of Japanese prints, and the formal, sensual photographs of Edward Weston and Irving Penn, Alexander explores the idiosyncrasies of the female figure as an enigmatic symbol of something greater, and the female form becomes a vehicle for contemplation.

Suki Kuss Available Light

In an era of social and political imbalance, finding stability and completeness is the challenge of the day. In Available Light, Suki Kuss new exhibit of paintings at the TAG Gallery, this search for balance is symbolically explored in her heavily layered works. Using vintage fabrics, maps, patterns and mirrors to bring the painting into the present she creates a restful place to breathe. Her paintings are both formal in their abstract use of line and shape, and intuitive in their multi-layered complexity.

The results are delicate, intimate works that call out to be scrutinized, and recognize the still moments that are so often forgotten in our lives.

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