Monday, March 7, 2011

TAG Gallery Interviews Suki Kuss

Suki Kuss
A Stitch in Time X - Voyager
MM Collage 12 x 40"
When did you first realize you were an artist (and/or have the courage to identify yourself as one)?

I think there's more to being an artist then just creating visual art...or any type of art, for that matter. I've lived internally as an artist for as long as I can remember. I created a world for myself and decorated it with my imaginings...both emotional and, I suppose, I have always considered myself an artist.

Did you go to an art school, and if so, are you satisfied with the experience?

No art school experience. I've studied and continue to study with some wonderful, inspirational artist/teachers. Gerald Brommer has changed my life with his stained paper collage workshops...Katherine Chang Liu is an amazing teacher and emotional guide...Franklyn Leigel is just simply my mentor. Terri Balady has been instrumental in assisting me in recognizing my personal symbols and finding my voice as an artist.

What is your painting process? Are your techniques a secret, or can you share what they are?

My techniques change constantly...often surprising me. I sit and "watch" my work for hours. I'm able to see the shift in texture and color as the light changes throughout the day...and night. This guides me in creating new forms and making decisions regarding composition.

Suki Kuss
Edge of the World I - Beyond Time
MM Collage 24 x 20"
Who are some artists producing work that you like?

All four of my teachers, of course. There are so many others, it's hard to say. I'm very fickle...flitting from one favorite to another.

Beyond decorating walls, do you think art has another purpose or meaning?

Visual art is a means of communication, a search for balance and a continuous dialogue between the artist and the viewer. Decoration has nothing to do with art.

Suki Kuss in the studio.

Suki Kuss's exhibition starts March 29, 2011.

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