Monday, September 19, 2011

Della Rollé Interview

Della Rollé
Hang in There 
12 1/2"h x 6"w bronze, edition of 9

Della Rollé focuses her humorous worldview on animals, creating sculptures infused with whimsy.

When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist?

I have always loved to draw, and illustrated my grade school and high school yearbooks.  The pivotal moment for me as an artist was the first time I held clay in my hands and worked from the figure.  That was in 1991 and I realized Sculpture was to be my passion.  I still have the same excitement every time I sculpt with clay.

Where are you from? Did your upbringing contribute to your development as an artist?

My father was in the Navy and we moved often, mostly in California.  Drawing became the continuity in my life.  Making new friends and changing schools constantly contributed to my creative imagination and why I find humor in my work. 
How often do you start a new work?

Generating a new idea may take days or years so there is never a set time to start a new work.  Many ideas are rejected.

Does your own life experience play a role in your imagery?

Yes.  Recently I have included my love for animals in my humorous sculptures and they will be featured in my next show at TAG in October. 

Della Rollé
31"h x 5"w x 5"d bronze, edition of 9

Is there a separation between your "normal" life and your artwork. if so, how do you manage to keep each in its place?

Definitely not!  My artwork reflects my personal life view.  Hopefully when you look at my work, you smile.
Of terra cotta, bronze, and stainless steel, …why one or the other? How do you decide which to use?

Each type of fired clay, metal, acrylic and marble/resin reflects light in strong and subtle ways.  That is how I decide which one to use.

You have a great sense of humor, and in your artist statement you state,I see humor and beauty in all body types and find that the humor intrinsic in human behavior is reflected in the body.” So, may I ask …..just what is so funny?

Everything is funny!  I think feet, hands, faces, body types, hair are all humorous and beautiful at the same time.  That is why I sculpt.

Della Rollé

Della Rollé's exhibition at TAG begins October 4, 2011.

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