Monday, September 26, 2011

Diane Rudnick Mann Interview

Diane Rudnick Mann 
27.75 x 32”  pastel
Diane Rudnick Mann continues her focus on The Beauty of Ordinary Objects with her intensely colored pastels.

How do you decide on your lighting and your palette? 

Since my work is defined by very high contrast- shadow and light, I have a very specific way to set up the lighting for my paintings.  My latest series of paintings all have black backgrounds. When I set up what I want to paint it is in front of a black background in a dimly lit room.  I then shine a lamp on the set up so I can see the real highlights and shadows.  My intention is to bring that drama to the painting.

As far as a palette, the objects I use define the color.  An apple will be red, etc.
Diane Rudnick Mann
20.5 x 26”  pastel  
Can you describe your process, or take us through the steps involved?

I set up my paintings and then photograph them.  My paintings are usually large so I enlarge the photo to the size I want to paint and then transfer the outline to the paper.  Because I work in pastel I paint from right to left as Im left handed.  I complete each section as I move across the painting.  After all my years of painting, I still get a thrill watching the painting develop across the paper.

Diane Rudnick Mann

Diane Rudnick Mann's exhibition opens October 4, 2011.

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