Sunday, February 23, 2014

Coming Exhibition: Don Adler, Brigitte Schobert, Betty Sheinbaum

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 1, 5-8 p.m

Artist Talk:
Saturday, March 15, 3 p.m

Don Adler, Romance the Stone

Don Adler, Love Seat, Marble 10 x 19 x 12in
In his latest exhibition, sculptor Don Adler celebrates the romance between artist and media. Transitioning from previous smaller scale works to larger, organic compositions, Adler continuesto explore rich, multidimensional colors in his sculptures. Contrasting use of light and dark, negative space and positive volume, Adler expressively illustrates the emotion and physicality of his sculptural process. “Each creation is meant to draw the viewer into the work,” says Adler. “Then, contrary to many prohibitions, [I want to] encourage the observer to make both visual andtactile contact to experience the sensuality and power generated.” Adler’s abstract forms are enhanced by a range of color - from subtle pink and veined amber marble to black Belgian marble. Fusing natural stone with a dexterous carving technique, Adler’s sensitive attention to detail highlights the individual character of each stone piece.

Brigitte Schobert, Reflections
Brigitte Schobert, Untitled 180, Oil on Paper 20 x 24in
Brigitte Schobert’s series Reflections features a new body of vibrant works on paper and canvas inspired by her travels abroad. Drawing from memories of intricately decorated homes, colorful clothing, flowers and food from the Mediterranean, India, Indonesia and Mexico, Schobert intuitively weaves her experiences into her abstract imagery. Her bold color palette engages the senses, mimicking the rich impression that these cultures had on her own. Schobert meticulously layers oil paints using an etching press and a transfer process from plexiglass plates to create multidimensional works on paper. Her acrylic work on canvas exhibits a close attention to texture as she applies fabrics, tissue paper, and even sand to the surface before adding multiple translucent layers of paint to the canvas to create a sense of depth. Gestural strokes and shapes emerge from colorful environments as each work conveys individually emotive sensations.

Betty Sheinbaum, Relax and Play
Betty Sheinbaum, Ben and Boys, AcrylicOnCanvas, 16 x 20in
Betty Sheinbaum’s current series, Relax and Play features acrylic portrait studies of people at leisure. Sheinbaum continues to explore light and form through her subjects - people and pets in public spaces, caught in unassuming, candid moments. Using flat, geometric shapes and large fields of bold color, the artist creates shallow space, forcing her figures into the foreground. The immediacy of Sheinbaum’s technique captures fleeting moments in time as her swift, visible brushstrokes highlight leafy park scenes and outdoor escapes. Sheinbaum’s playfully colorful scenes portray a keen eye for the attitude and personality of her Los Angeles subjects, while sharing a relateable viewpoint with her audience - that of the observer.

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