Friday, October 9, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Donn Delson

Donn Delson, Celestial Motion, Giclee Archival Print, Limited Edition of 15, 40x40"
My show is about stillness and motion.
Some of the images reflect the quiet stillness of a distant galaxy, or deserted desert road.
Donn Delson, Running in Tandem, Giclee Archival Print, Limited Edition of 15, 22x50"
Donn Delson, Daydreaming, Alumininum Archival Print, Limited Edition of 15, 26x38"
Some reflect the kinetic energy of motion captured in a moving car, or a rock, inexplicably traveling across a barren, cracked desert floor.
Donn Delson, Night at the Racetrack, Giclee Archival Print, Limited Edition of 15, 34x26 
There is an interesting symmetry I find between the two. While on the one hand, I'm drawn to visuals that, in an overstimulated world, evoke a sense of timelessness and tranquility, and give the viewer's eye a chance to rest for a few moments, undisturbed. I'm also drawn to the energy of motion, how it enters and leaves a space, and the relationship between the static, and dynamic elements in that space, in the moment, and over time. I don't find these to be mutually exclusive, but rather complementary, along a continuum.
Donn Delson, Storm Troopers, Giclee Archival Print, Limited Edition of 15, 34x46"
Donn's exibition Stillness/Motion, will be on view at TAG  through Saturday October 24th.

Want to know how he created some of these images?
Attend the Artist Talk on Saturday, October 17th, 3pm
or leave Donn a question here in the comments.

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