Saturday, January 23, 2016

Caught Red Handed! -- New Group Exhibition

Tues. Jan 26 - Sat. Feb. 20
Reception: Saturday, Jan. 30, 5-8pm

With a central focus around the color red, this month’s themed show at TAG Gallery, Caught Red Handed!, will highlight many different interpretations of the seductive shade.  Known to represent a variety of emotions, red is the color of passion, igniting feelings of love, lust, revenge, and even rage.  Although the color is warm, red is revitalizing and dangerous, exuding a strong and powerful energy. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.  Red signifies a courageous spirit, driving ambition, confidence, and determination.  From celebration to ceremony, blood to wine, the associations are as vast as the color’s spectrum. 
Through this exhibition, Caught Red Handed will explore those feelings, portraying the impact the color has played along our artists’ journeys.  From the feminine to the masculine, the positive to the negative, this group show will dive deep into the psychology behind the color red. 

TAG invites you to share your red-themed art, here in this Spectrum Share linkup.
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