Monday, January 25, 2016

Coming Exhibition: Joe Kabriel, Betty Sheinbaum

Tues. Jan 26 - Sat. Feb. 20
Reception: Saturday, Jan. 30, 5-8pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, Feb. 13, 3pm

Joe Kabriel
Inspiration Road
Joe Kabriel, Walking Pink Cloud, Oil & mixed media, 40 x 40"
Joe Kabriel’s recent works draw inspiration from the shorelines and canyon roads of Southern California. Varying rock formations play a seminal role in many of Kabriel’s images. As he notes, “Some cultures believe that rocks contain spiritual energy, which when released provides enlightenment. People hold energy as well and, like rocks, are shaped by life events.”  Kabriel uses this juxtaposition of rocks and energy in his work as a metaphor for exploring the relationship between life’s forces, inspiration, and enlightenment.

Many of the pieces in Kabriel’s exhibition, Inspiration Road, begin as an exploration of ideas and images in a sketchbook. From the sketchbook the work is assessed to determine which images will be reworked into larger traditional drawings using subtle chiaroscuro techniques, or which become more dream like images using encaustic wax. Other examples of his work use a combination of different sized canvas panels to create the structure for his oversized paintings.

Betty Sheinbaum
Between the Lines
In her latest body of work, Between the Lines, artist Betty Sheinbaum continues to explore the mysteries and challenges of painting.  Feeling there is no right way to create an image, Sheinbaum says the final outcome of her work is always left up to fate.  With an undetermined end goal, she is constantly looking, learning, and imagining new ways to feel fulfilled.  For Sheinbaum, a painting is continually open ended. Always in search of new ideas to put on canvas, Sheinbaum finds inspiration in learning.  "As a constant student eager to see things from a new perspective, my work is never a mission accomplished.”

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