Thursday, February 11, 2016

Art Story: Fate is Closer Than it Appears

The drawing "Fate is Closer Than it Appears" has serval interesting overtones. The image begins with a road stretching out in front. The road heads down a mountain with its twists and turns moving towards the distant ocean (Route 23 heading toward the PCH). The motor cycle’s rear view mirror in the drawing reflects a road heading in the other direction, back in space. This is a deliberate contrast of past, present and future.
In the reflection, we see on the road a pair of car skid marks. They make the iconic black “S” marks on the surface before going off the road’s edge and disappearing.
On the mirror where it normally reads “objects may be closer than they appear,” is the title of the drawing, "Fate Is Closer Than It Appears," which is my way of expressing - in the turn of an instant, life can change, suddenly and forever. A defining and definitive moment.
My sister, five years ago, at 47 was too drunk to drive. The amount of alcohol in her system was so high enough, she should have died from alcohol poisoning. She was trying to leave a bad marriage and about a mile from her house, she failed to navigate a sharp turn. She went off a curved embankment at a very high rate of speed. The impact severed several trees before the car landed up side down, crushing the inside.
We found some of her personal belongings hundreds of feet from the crash site.
It was a beautiful blue December morning. I was on my way to teach a class but fate had changed everything.
My drawing is an expression of that day.
Joe Kabriel

Meet Joe Kabriel and Betty Sheinbaum this coming Saturday at an Artists' Talk at TAG, 3pm.

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