Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Marion Wood on "Location, Location!"

In this current body of work, “Location, Location!” I explore the colors, texture and rhythm of physical locations in an abstract form. I use a careful balance of chance, fate and deliberate motions that make the paint appear as if it has taken root and grown through the canvas, creating a dialogue where the paint lies, a sense of organic narrative.
Marion Wood, Fragmented, Acrylic on canvas,  72 x 120"
This piece, Fragmented, concerns the fragmentation of our beautiful forest lands. While the cuts are are black and foreboding, I chose to accentuate the energy and life-force remaining, a sense of hope and trust that nature will prevail with a little help from mankind, which is referenced by the sense of text in parts of the imagery.
Marion Wood, Downtown, Acrylic on canvas,  60 x 24"
Downtown is a depiction of city streets and also has the feeling of the view from a loft window. Architectural form, the sweep of history, and the coexistence of chaos and orderliness are all elements that were used in the composition.
Marion Wood, Philadelphia Freedom, Acrylic on canvas,  60 x 48"
The joy and the pain of creation is another duality explored in much of my work. The physical act of painting, a visceral and explorative undertaking, serves as the core connection to each piece. I tend to inhabit and navigate the paintings, moving within them the way one would inhabit a location in the more traditional sense; by wandering, searching, reveling, taking risks, failing, feeling the natural flow, and getting messy. My goal being to encourage the viewer to wander through these pieces as well, and establish their own connections.

Marion's current show, Location, Location!, will be at TAG through July 9.
Come meet Marion at an informal Artist Meet and Greet on Saturday, July 2, 4-7pm.

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