Monday, July 31, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Anne M Bray #mycommute

Anne M Bray, 60W, Digital watercolor on paper, 21 x 23"
Daily commutes are a perennial topic of conversation for residents of greater Los Angeles. Most in the City of Angels are not afforded the luxury of living within walking distance of their workplace. Anne M Bray is no stranger to this phenomenon and has an 80 mile round trip trek, between Mar Vista to Irwindale, four times a week. In her exhibition #mycommute, Bray demonstrates how she has transformed her hours spent behind the wheel into creative pursuits.
Anne M Bray, Nine Semis, Nine digital watercolors on aluminum, 25 x 19", each 7 x 5"
During the mornings, she focuses her attention on the back ends of trucks. In the evenings, Bray finds her gaze drawn to the play of light on freeway overpasses and the buildings of downtown.
Anne M Bray, Downtown, 3/29, Digital watercolor on paper, 21 x 23"

Photos are captured with her phone, and then undergo a transformation into digital watercolors using a phone app called Waterlogue. She then shares the images on social media. For this exhibition, the trucks are printed and fused onto aluminum and are displayed in thematic grids. The roadscapes are printed on paper.
Anne M Bray, Rocks, Dirt, Cement, Nine digital watercolors on aluminum, 25 x 19", each 7 x 5"
With #mycommute, Bray transforms the drudgery of commuting into an act of exploration and wonder using a variety mediums and technology. The exhibition offers a new way of looking at the daily drive, be it to work or homeward.

July 11 - August 5, 2017

Artist Panel Discussion: Saturday, August 5, 4pm

Closing Reception: Saturday, August 5, 6-9pm

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