Monday, February 15, 2010

Santa Monica Police Retrieve Missing Painting

Malibu Lagoon
oil on canvas 18 x 18"
Joan Horsfall Young

The painting was apparently taken during the last week of November from TAG Gallery’s old location on Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica. While preparing for her latest exhibition, artist Joan Horsfall Young checked to make sure her website was showing up properly in searches and was surprised to notice a link to one of her recent works being auctioned on EBay. It was surprising since to Young's knowledge the painting had not yet been sold. She reported this to EBay and to the police. Police got right on it and retrieved the painting within 10 days. The seller, an Internet art dealer, had purchased the artwork from a flea market in Irwindale. No clues as to how it traveled from the gallery to the flea market, but the artist is very happy to have the painting back. The painting, "Malibu Lagoon", had just been shown at the Bennington Museum in Vermont.

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